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13.07.2015 - 21:24
05.01.2015 - 15:22
"Spy Drones Expose Smithfield Foods Factory Farms": SINCE 2012, the director of "Speciesism: The... more
26.12.2014 - 17:37
Watch the exclusive worldwide premiere of the Origins film from November 13th - November 22nd. Get... more
25.12.2014 - 23:45
Consumed: Discover how the secrets of the human mind are destroying our world For downloads and... more
04.12.2014 - 12:19 Anthropologist Helen Fisher takes on a tricky topic -- love - and explains its... more
06.11.2014 - 12:41
What exactly is Ecological Economics? How does it differ from mainstream economics, and what does... more
29.10.2014 - 18:13
Change Evolution is a networking & news site dedicated to sustainability. Please join us and... more
27.10.2014 - 09:49
I made this animation for Green Living Science, a program that helps educate kids in Detroit about... more
08.10.2014 - 04:32
As part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets the Olivet Eagles, a middle... more

Streaming News

1 hour 17 min
In our tech-driven, interconnected world, we've developed new ways and rules to court each other,... more
2 hours 42 min
The Double Down, Doritos Locos Tacos, the Whopperito -- all of these crazy culinary concoctions... more
3 hours 1 min
Featured image: Afro-Colombian communities along the Patia River plundered by corporate... more
3 hours 34 min
Jeffrey D. Sachs asks a lot of questions. But does he have any answers?
5 hours 21 min
This artist is "lacing" urban space, where stuffy old lace becomes eye-catching street art.
14 hours 9 min
by Direct Action Spokane A group of Spokane, Washington citizens are currently protesting on the... more
15 hours 26 min
PDF:  20160930-now-pass.pdf Five days ago, Lyndon LaRouche issued marching orders for the... more
18 hours 45 min
Bloom hoovers up harmful algae overgrowth from waterways and turns it into a flexible foam that... more
19 hours 30 min
It's 2036 and you want to be somewhere else.
20 hours 39 min
London-Saudi Global TerrorImpeach ObamaStop WWIII Video of VfyDgDTu0Go EIR's Jeff Steinberg... more
21 hours 21 min
First we learn they talk about us, now we find they kill competing animals in a way not seen in... more
21 hours 29 min
These fish off the coast of Australia sing daily, much like birds, and their songs reveal a lot of... more
22 hours 12 sec
It's ridiculous that organic produce in the U.S. comes packaged in far more plastic than... more
22 hours 57 min
Another look at this modern masterpiece designed before antibiotics existed
1 day 15 min
Video of g8iCNuSz4vQ Join us to discuss the plan to follow up our victory overriding Obama's... more
1 day 15 min
Video of g8iCNuSz4vQ Join us at 9pm to discuss the plan to follow up our victory overriding... more
1 day 1 hour
Scared of superintelligent AI? You should be, says neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris -- and... more
1 day 2 hours
And like almost everything, it is a design problem.
1 day 3 hours
Industry coalitions working with municipal recycling can work, but only in two circumstances
1 day 4 hours
Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, the natural tendency is to make the place you call home an... more
1 day 6 hours
Norway has already done great things for the climate. Now the nation's capital plans to take it... more
1 day 13 hours
PDF:  20160928-congress-passes-jasta.pdf Congress today resoundingly overrode President... more
1 day 16 hours
In the keynote address to the 2016 IAC, Elon Musk shares his vision, just after tweeting the first... more
1 day 19 hours
Wheelys has come a long way from its first "ecological café bike" and is now setting its sights on... more
1 day 20 hours
Eureka! Archimedes' principle at work.
1 day 20 hours
If all Americans adopted this (almost) waterless method of cooking pasta, we'd save billions of... more
1 day 21 hours
We are a generation of parents who know too much about the world. Finally, here is a calm and... more
1 day 21 hours
Neri&Hu turn climbing the stairs into an experience for Bloomberg in Hong Kong.
1 day 23 hours
An award-winning design blends traditional nursery school classrooms with a working farm, allowing... more
1 day 23 hours
After downsizing and traveling for a couple of years, this couple returned to Portland and decided... more