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13.07.2015 - 21:24
05.01.2015 - 15:22
"Spy Drones Expose Smithfield Foods Factory Farms": SINCE 2012, the director of "Speciesism: The... more
26.12.2014 - 17:37
Watch the exclusive worldwide premiere of the Origins film from November 13th - November 22nd. Get... more
25.12.2014 - 23:45
Consumed: Discover how the secrets of the human mind are destroying our world For downloads and... more
04.12.2014 - 12:19 Anthropologist Helen Fisher takes on a tricky topic -- love - and explains its... more
06.11.2014 - 12:41
What exactly is Ecological Economics? How does it differ from mainstream economics, and what does... more
29.10.2014 - 18:13
Change Evolution is a networking & news site dedicated to sustainability. Please join us and... more
27.10.2014 - 09:49
I made this animation for Green Living Science, a program that helps educate kids in Detroit about... more
08.10.2014 - 04:32
As part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets the Olivet Eagles, a middle... more

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2 hours 43 min
     by Cultural Survival Cultural Survival condemns the murder of the Purépecha environmental... more
3 hours 44 min
Is this an answer to the problem of affordable housing?
4 hours 47 min
Order your next drink without a straw and talk to local businesses about why they should #... more
19 hours 38 sec
Dogs may be humankind’s best friend, but horses have secret powers all their own.
19 hours 58 min
The prevailing image of where refugees live is of temporary camps in isolated areas -- but in... more
21 hours 57 min
Not too tall, not too short, but just right.
22 hours 28 min
Sometimes a bit of struggle is a good thing.
1 day 41 min
It's lighter, cheaper and better than an aluminum can, and a great example of appropriate design.
1 day 48 min
People who live within view of water have lower psychological distress, study finds.
1 day 55 min
From our fear of women's bodies to our sheepishness around the word "nipple," our ideas about sex... more
1 day 1 hour
The resin reduces the energy needed to manufacture turbine blades and allows them to be recycled.
1 day 1 hour
World Land-BridgeStop WWIII Video of VqkGIldh6l0 Join us for a discussion at 9pm EST with... more
1 day 1 hour
Study finds that unhealthy foods hold children's attention for longer than healthy foods do.
1 day 1 hour
Classical RenaissanceWorld Land-Bridge Video of e3G1oOU9QWU With momentum building behind... more
1 day 2 hours
Featured image: On August 31, 2016, “Happy” American Horse from the Sicangu Nation locked himself... more
1 day 2 hours
Wouldn’t you love to have foreseen the magnitude of the internet back in the 80s? Imagine you... more
1 day 2 hours
Recall that the network which is now driving the Russia-gate coup attempt against President... more
1 day 5 hours
It costs 2,000 times more too.
1 day 20 hours
Every three years, more than 30 million Hindu worshippers gather for the Kumbh Mela in India, the... more
1 day 20 hours
The longleaf pine ecosystem in the United States has shrunk from 90 million acres to just 3.4... more
1 day 20 hours
"This Lent let's give ocean creatures a better chance to renew themselves, free of our trash!" –... more
1 day 21 hours
This new loft adds extra space and an extra bedroom in an urban apartment in Brazil.
1 day 21 hours
It is still a city where cars rule and dead walkers and cyclists are a cost of doing business.
1 day 21 hours
A London council's proposal to fine kids £500 for climbing trees sparks debate over children's... more
2 days 10 min
Deep overhang controls light, provides privacy for bedrooms upstairs.
2 days 1 hour
Sorry, but no. Everyone needs to simmer down, strain out the hype, and realize it boils down to... more
2 days 1 hour
If we hope to heal the racial tensions that threaten to tear the fabric of society apart, we're... more
2 days 3 hours
PDF:  20180221-china-tells-west.pdf An article in today's edition of China's Global Times... more
2 days 3 hours
Montclair, California jumps on this silly victim-blaming bandwagon.
2 days 5 hours
Although the rest of their predictions are best viewed through oil-tinted spectacles...