The Coup Against Trump; Calling All Patriots to Intelligence War, with Special Guest, Bill Binney - LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

End the McCarthyite Witch Hunt Against China and President Trump - LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

Mark Zaid, the attorney for the fake whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, laid out the entire plot of what we now see unfolding before our eyes in a series of tweets, starting back in January of 2017. Zaid tweeted: “the coup has started" and “impeachment will follow ultimately." In July of 2017, Ciarmella said that CNN would play a key role in the coup and that, "We will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters." Zaid further promised that the coup would take place in a series of steps and that as one member of RESIST, within the Administration fell, two others would take their place.

Tonight we will talk about how this can be defeated and the nation’s future secured by using the intelligence methods and economic ideas of Lyndon LaRouche. The question is not really what information you need to absorb, but how you can master the art of long term strategic analysis such that you completely outflank an enraged and seemingly implacable foe and win the innocents entrapped by that monster back to sanity.

Join us for tonight’s discussion.