Finish Taking American Presidency Back From the British Empire

President Trump Delivers Remarks and Signs an Executive Order on Energy & Infrastructure. He signs one of two Executive Orders to streamline Federal processes surrounding energy and infrastructure development Wednesday, April 10, 2019, in Crosby, Texas.

President Donald Trump's approval rating among the American population has risen as the "Russiagate" coup attempt against him has been discredited; with Attorney General Barr's delivery of the Mueller Report to Congress expected this week, investigation of the frauds of the "Russiagaters" can take off in earnest. The crucial events go much deeper than that.

The President apparently understands, if he does not yet proclaim it in his own name, what his key supporters know: that the drive to force him out came from British intelligence, because of his intent to turn American policies from geopolitics to economic cooperation and peace. Presidents since Truman, with the brief exceptions of JFK and Ronald Reagan's SDI, have been under overall British imperial policy control since World War II.

With Trump's inauguration a battle began to end that dismal reign over the U.S. Presidency, of Churchillian cold wars, regime-change wars and geopolitics. It began immediately with the rush by the Obama holdover intelligence chiefs to trap President Trump in the British intelligence-created "Russiagate." The battle is still underway and the President could win.

But, it has been necessary from day one that the truth about the much more vicious prosecutorial and propaganda attack on Lyndon LaRouche, by the same British-led forces, had to be clarified — LaRouche exonerated — and his national and international development policies taken up. LaRouche had conducted a nearly 40-year fight for the American Presidency. He repeatedly stood as a candidate but with the broader aim throughout, of representing the real American System and the real American character to many nations, as opposed to the "British imperial" character those nations had seen since the Harry S Truman presidency. By becoming the leading statesman of international development programs and great infrastructure projects for the world, LaRouche was THE hated adversary of the British empire.

A campaign to exonerate LaRouche, gathering support internationally, will accelerate over the next two months leading into an American memorial for him in June, following extraordinary expressions of respect and appreciation for him already from senior South American statesmen in a memorial there last week. Its theme is "the triumph of Lyndon LaRouche." An exoneration pamphlet is being produced setting forth his legacy.

The LaRouchePAC political organization decided this weekend to organize scores of chapters across the nation at the same time, to enable its leadership to address his many thousands of activists and supporters and recruit them, and new activists, to the exoneration campaign. Its mission is to allow President Trump to act to exonerate LaRouche, and thus defy and break the grip of the British imperial paradigm on the Presidency at last.

The President's recent Moon-Mars mission decision is recognized as a ground-breaking new potential for American optimism and progress — but also, for scientific and technological cooperation with the other space-faring powers. Trump wanted great-power cooperation with Russia and China, as with India and Japan; "Russiagate" has blocked him; and now waves of anti-China propaganda are coming from the major media; from both political parties; from his own executive.

The Moon-Mars mission is vital. LaRouche's movement will also be producing materials on the scientific and technological breakthroughs needed, the educational policies, international cooperation, and funding, employing LaRouche's ideas to answer the question: Can humans return to the Moon in 2024?

This is the way President Trump's other goal, to build a "shining new infrastructure for America," can get underway. The attacks on China are an obstacle, and false. The genius of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche has shown that the historic "American System," and China's Confucian tradition, are both aspects of the paradigm of human progress which has to end Britain's imperial paradigm.