Keep It Up! Momentum Against the London/Mueller Coup Operation, Is Momentum for a New Silk Road Era of Progress

As of today, the circulation of the bombshell report, "Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him," has gone into high-impact deliveries in New York City and Washington, D.C., to 180 international missions to the United Nations (over a few days,) and to select offices among the 535 Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill. These special distributions come just as a new Congressional initiative caused squawks of frustration that Russia-Gate/Trump-Gate may be failing.

The House Intelligence Committee has subpoened the Washington, D.C.-based firm, Fusion GPS, and its officials, to comply with Congressional requests for information about how Fusion commissioned the 2016 scandal dossier on Donald Trump, from a London "ex" MI6 agent Christopher Steele. Voicing wild opposition, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California) let loose revealingly against those issuing the subpoenas, saying, "I think there's a hope that if they can impeach Christopher Steele, and if they can impeach the FBI and Department of Justice, then maybe they can impeach the whole Russia investigation."

Yes! There is wide and growing support among the U.S. public for exactly that result. Moreover, for many in and around Metro-New York, and Washington, D.C., who directly experienced the 9/11 attacks, it is a strong and personal matter that Bob Mueller is a lying hitman, who covered up for the Saudi role in that attack.

Building the momentum to stop the assault on the U.S. Presidency and nation, is at the same time, building the momentum for the New Silk Road paradigm to come to life in the trans-Atlantic, as well as expanding in the Eurasian sphere, as it is doing so spectacularly. What is urgently required in the U.S. and Europe, is Glass-Steagall reorganization of banking, the issuance of plentiful, directed credit, and a take-off of R&D into the frontiers of fusion and plasma science and space. The how-to for this is laid out in Lyndon LaRouche's "Four Laws."

Moreover, there is no other disaster rebuilding possible, than by these "Four Laws." Just the scale alone of the extensive destruction in North America resulting from the vulnerability to "natural" disasters caused by Wall Street's sabotage of infrastructure maintanance and development, shows the need for a policy paradigm shift. Plus, add to the hurricane zones in the Gulf and Caribbean, and to the Mexican earthquakes, the raging California wildfires. As of this writing, 21 people are dead, and over 25,000 people dislocated from the fires, still burning strong. Other Western states have been hit this year as well. On Oct. 12, the House of Representatives will likely put to a vote the next disaster-relief funding bill, of $36.5 billion—rightly increased yesterday at the request of the White House, with $5 billion more for Puerto Rico, but still only enough to cover expenses for early response phases. What about the rebuilding phases?

Even before the recent disasters, the decrepit U.S. infrastructure base—as seen especially in Metro-New York's transportation crisis—is in breakdown for want of modernizing. On Oct. 1, right at harvest time, lock and dam 53 on the Ohio River had an hydraulics failure of a gate, which then caused a 46- mile backup of barge-tows on the river. The facility was built in 1928, and its replacement nearby has been under construction for 30 years, and still is not finished.

In 23 days, Pres. Trump will be off to Asia, where his meeting with Pres. Xi Jinping can be the occasion for a breakout into a new stage of hope and benefit for mankind. We fight for such a new beginning.

Thursday, Oct. 12, is Columbus Day, regarded as the date of his landing in the Americas in 1492. Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, in the midst of wartime, issued a statement of commemoration in 1941, with this ending:

"This year when we contemplate the estate to which the world has been brought by destructive forces, with lawlessness and wanton power ravaging an older civilization, and with our own republic girding itself for the defense of its institutions, we can revitalize our faith and renew our courage by a recollection of the triumph of Columbus after a period of grievous trial.

"The promise which Columbus's discovery gave to the world, of a new beginning in the march of human progress, has been in process of fulfillment for four centuries. Our task is now to make strong our conviction, that in spite of setbacks, that process will go on toward fulfillment."

Stop the attacks on the Presidency