Pompeo Goes Abroad To 'Beat' China at Development — While Failing U.S. Infrastructure Kills at Home!

U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and fellow foreign ministers participate in the NATO plenary session at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on April 4, 2019. [State Department photo]

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo leaves today on a 5-day fool's errand to Latin America, seeking, with meager funds for development, to denounce and expel China from the region. A region in which it has become, for many countries, the largest foreign investor and the largest trading partner, while the Bush and Obama governments acted as regime-changers and collectors for Wall Street debt vultures and hedge funds. The failure of Pompeo's "mission" may have been predetermined by his critical omission, as CIA Director in 2017 — helping to withhold crucial evidence that the 'Russiagate' coup attempt against President Trump was based on a fraud at the start. Pompeo then was personally presented — at the President's request — with hard evidence from a senior expert that the core claim, the Russian hacking of DNC computers, was false. It never went beyond CIA Director Pompeo to any other intelligence services or to any committee of Congress. 'Russiagate' raged on.

The President yesterday morning called 'Russiagate' a "coup to bring down a President", and called it treason, which implies involvement of a foreign power as instigator. His recent Twitter messages have shown he understands British Intelligence, MI6 and GCHQ, were initiators at the start of the attempt to force him out. Attorney General Barr told the Senate Appropriations Committee today that Trump and his campaign were "spied on – a very big deal."

And Russian President Putin, speaking to media at the Arctic Forum in Finland, made clear that he understands that Russian-American relations can be restored to joint pursuit of peace and disarmament, and defeat of terrorism, only if the "intrigue" of Russiagate is purged.

President Trump has stated publicly that his actions in the temporary failure of the Hanoi summit with North Korea, were directly affected by the then-ongoing 'Russiagate' antics of House Committees. In fact, all of Trump's intended policies of great-power cooperation for peace and economic development, including intended economic collaboration with China as well, depend on the complete exposure and punishment of those who started and ran the 'Russiagate' coup attempt.

Thus the tragic farce of Pompeo's attempt to drive China out of developing countries with promises of aid in infrastructure development.

Not only did his actions or omissions contribute to driving President Trump to accept constant sanctions, attacks, threats against China and Russia by neo-Conservatives like Pompeo, and sabotage of the President's own attempts to end war in Syria, Afghanistan, the Korean Peninsula.

His "mission" itself is farcical because the long-neglected and abandoned basic economic infrastructure of America itself, which could be called merely "crumbling" 20 years ago, is now being hit with repeated outright failures resulting in thousands of deaths and massive economic damage. The worst breakdowns result from the fact that plans to engineer major flood- and storm-protection have been cast aside for half a century or more, "for lack of funds."

What development lending and funds can the United States then offer nations in Africa, South Asia or Latin America, unless it is by cooperation with the other great powers, particularly China which is doing far, far greater work with the Silk Road? New international credit institutions must be set up, as Lyndon LaRouche proposed for 40 years and China has begun – which requires the United States have a national credit institution itself for infrastructure and industrial development — it has none. It must, in fact, join the Belt and Road.

For this, President Trump's full liberation from the British coup attempt is key. It must be pursued using Lyndon LaRouche's economic policies and his exoneration.