The World Must Stand Together

Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Naomi Watts and Christoph Waltz think this matters to people everywhere:

On June 17-18 , Presidents Obama and Putin will meet on the side of the G8 Summit, with cutting nukes on the agenda. We must stand together for a world without nuclear weapons. Join the Global Zero movement and demand zero!

Les 17-18 juin prochain, les présidents Obama et Poutine vont se rencontrer en marge du sommet du G8 avec, à l'ordre du jour, la réduction du nombre d'ogives nucléaire. Restons unis pour un monde sans armes nucléaires !

Am 17./18. Juni wird sich Präsident Obama am Rande des G8 Gipfels mit Präsident Putin treffen, um über die gewaltigen Atomwaffenarsenale zu diskutieren. Wir müssen uns jetzt gemeinsam für eine Welt ohne Atomwaffen einsetzen. Mach mit und engagiere Dich jetzt bei Global Zero:

Our Movement:

Global Zero has emerged as one of the most remarkable social movements in history. Powered by a visionary group of 300 leaders and experts who support our bold, step-by-step plan to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2030, the relentless creativity, energy and optimism of young people and half a million citizens worldwide, we're challenging the 20th century idea of basing national security on the threat of mass destruction -- and together we are making real progress on the road to global zero.

Global Zero leaders understand that the only way to eliminate the nuclear threat -- including proliferation and nuclear terrorism -- is to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, secure all nuclear materials and eliminate all nuclear weapons: global zero.

We've spent years building a nonpartisan, international community of influential political, military, business, civic and faith leaders -- matched by a powerful global grassroots movement. We're not tilting at windmills. We've got a plan. And it's backed by experts and leading newspapers worldwide. The challenge now is getting world leaders to act on it -- and only an unprecedented international demand for zero can create the necessary political will to make it happen.

Today, there are 17,000 nuclear weapons on Earth. Together, we can bring that number to zero.