4 hours 41 min
Nanotechnology is the study of extremely small particles, or nanoparticles, and how these can be manipulated and controlled in useful ways. Nanotechnology is currently being used in hundreds of common products, including batteries, sunscreens, antibacterial products, scratch-resistant coatings,...
10 hours 32 min
A boring bathroom gets an amazing hand-drawn makeover.
11 hours 46 min
Host gatherings with friends both outdoors and in your home, while sharing food prep to make it more affordable.
13 hours 13 min
On TreeHugger we often say "take the stairs!" but escalators have changed how we get around.
14 hours 22 min
Once a cared-for patient and now a caregiver himself, Scott Williams highlights the invaluable role of informal caregivers -- those friends and relatives who, out of love, go the extra mile for patients in need. From personal care to advocacy to emotional support, unpaid caregivers form the...
14 hours 24 min
The fact that Iceland specializes in frozen food has not daunted its directors, who say they'll switch to recyclable paper and pulp trays.
14 hours 31 min
There are lessons to be learned from this model home built by Meritage, even if it is big and beige.
15 hours 1 min
Written by one of my favorite bloggers, this new book will inspire and guide readers to install a love for nature in their children.
15 hours 10 min
Thousands of books destined for the landfill have been rescued by garbage collectors and are now available to the public.
16 hours 10 min
PDF:  20180117-forward-on-high-ground.pdf We are pushed from all sides in the U.S. and Trans-Atlantic, to sink down to the low ground, in terms of economics, culture and morality. Under assault from the City of London/Wall Street defenders of the dying monetarist system, we are pressured to...