2 hours 6 min
Who needs concrete when this foundation design will take the load.
5 hours 56 min
This could be "a thermostat for the sun."
7 hours 40 min
Prevent drain blockages and environmental damage by taking care with what you put down the sink.
8 hours 1 min
Could the strange orbits of small, distant objects in our solar system lead us to a big discovery? Planetary astronomer Mike Brown proposes the existence of a new, giant planet lurking in the far reaches of our solar system -- and shows us how traces of its presence might already be staring us in...
8 hours 6 min
Beck nails it again with the Automated Nailing Head.
10 hours 1 min
The 2019 horseradish crop was battered by unusually harsh weather, and the effects are showing up in fast food joints.
10 hours 4 min
The initial phase of the House impeachment show trial paused today with the testimony of Russia hawk, former Senior Director for Europe and Russia on the National Security Council Fiona Hill and State Department bureaucrat David Holmes. Congress will be out in their home districts through Dec. 3...
11 hours 17 min
This may be the perfect way to serve sweet potatoes; it's easy, delicious, and beautiful to behold.
12 hours 1 min
By Joey Moncarz / Deep Green  Bush-School The banning of single-use plastic bags is the latest in a never-ending parade of distractions meant tolull us into thinking that modern civilisation is becoming more “environmentally friendly” and that the elite, corporations and their bureaucrat servants...
12 hours 1 min
Forget friends and family! Without the traditional meal, it feels like any old dinner party.